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Losing a loved one, saying goodbye, is surely one of those things we most dread, yet its inevitability is part of each of our lives and the feeling of loss, being robbed, the unfairness, is universally experienced.

Many of us can find support and solace in friends and family but this is not the case for everyone and for others, it simply is not enough.

At what could be our darkest moment, we often turn to professionals to guide us through this traumatic time, to remove some of the pressures and to help the grieving process begin.

The Funeral Director takes a lead in this role and provides professional, sympathetic guidance but it is the funeral celebrant who will help you through the funeral service itself, providing a personalised ceremony, with or without religious content, which reflects the wishes of the deceased and of the family who mourn.

I will meet with you at your home, or at any other location you might prefer, and take the time to discover the story of your loved one, a story to be retold during the funeral service, a story which captures that person’s very essence.

Not everyone wants the same type of funeral, so each service is individually personalised, focusing on the things that made that person so precious, so special, so loved.

A celebrant is not associated to any particular faith or religion. It is the celebrant’s concern to reflect the wishes of the lost loved one and the bereaved family and whilst services can be completely nonreligious, personal beliefs, or elements of religion or spirituality, can be reflected by the inclusion of a prayer or a hymn.

Most services will contain music, a reading or poetry much loved by the person being remembered and appropriate to the life being celebrated. Contributions from family members or friends can also have a special place within the service and the Funeral Celebrant will do everything possible to incorporate the family’s wishes and shape the ceremony accordingly.

You will be able to read through the ceremony content beforehand, ensuring that everything is as you wish it to be, before it is delivered during that final act of love and respect.

Whether it is a celebration or a reflection led ceremony, as an Independent Funeral Celebrant, I believe that a funeral needs to remember a loved one in a way which puts their lives, their stories and their wishes at the centre of proceedings.

Any service I arrange with a family should enable an obviously painful and difficult occasion to be reflected upon with a gentle sigh of sadness but also with a warm feeling of love for someone held dear within a heart.

I am not a Humanist, nor am I affiliated to any faith or religious ideology. It is the wishes and beliefs of the deceased, and the bereaved family, which are important and which will be respected during the funeral service or ceremony.

Oftentimes my introduction will be through a Funeral Director. Some families prefer to contact me directly. Either way I always work tirelessly to ensure that everything goes exactly as discussed and planned.

If you feel the need to discuss anything with me regarding a funeral service please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Sometimes a funeral service alone does not allow adequate opportunity to fully remember a loved one and a family may feel they would like to include a further tribute in a way that is fitting and meaningful.

I would be glad to assist or to play a role in a Memorial Service, or to lead a Ceremony of Remembrance as you scatter or bury the ashes of someone who was special to you.

If you feel this extra service would be appropriate, we can discuss your requirements when we meet or at any time after the funeral itself.

Any option can be considered and it is only right that your wishes are respected when it comes to saying that final goodbye.

Most people are unaware that they can plan their own funeral ceremony.

You can decide how you would like your funeral to celebrate or remember your life.

You can choose the music, the poems, readings or prayers and you can ensure that your eulogy is written in a way which reflects you, your life, your beliefs and your wishes.

Your ceremony is then safely stored with your will and, when the time comes, I will make certain that your funeral is exactly as you would have wanted it to be.

We can even stay in touch as the years pass to update and include new chapters to your story.

For those who would rather have a fully religious funeral, but would prefer to have a tribute written professionally, I would be happy to meet with you to discover your story before putting pen to paper and creating a eulogy which truly reflects your life.

Call me to discuss either option and ensure that your wishes are respected when it comes to saying that final goodbye to your friends, family and loved ones.

'In our opinion Richard could not have been more kind considerate and professional, first class in everything he did, we don’t know how we would have coped without him'K

'On behalf of the family we would like to thank you for conducting mother’s funeral. It was a sensitive and informative reflection of her life. 'S

'You helped us all to celebrate dad's life and everyone agreed that it was a moving and fitting tribute to a much loved and respected man.'G

I have successfully completed and passed the National Qualification Level 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy and have been awarded The Diploma in Advanced Practice Funeral Celebrancy.

I have therefore been rigorously assessed for my ability and skill in creating and delivering funerals with sensitivity and empathy. This means that I have been fully and thoroughly trained to provide you with the very best possible funeral ceremony and have attained the highest possible qualification in Funeral Celebrancy in the UK.

I am also a full member of the Institute of Civil Funerals.